History of Hersheypark Maps

Hersheypark had not produced any maps of the park until 1972, when a map of the park produced by a third party was put into the park’s rack brochure and a “Welcome to Hershey” handout that was likely an additional rack brochure that was only available in Hershey. In 1973, Hersheypark produced another map for …

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Hersheypark on the Bicentennial

Here’s an advertisement printed on July 4, 1976, from the construction services companies that worked for Hersheypark during the the 1970s renovations. They were congratulating Hersheypark on its 70th anniversary. The construction services companies seen here are: H.B. Alexander & Son, Inc., Kimbob, Inc., G.R. Sponaugle & Sons, Inc., and John B. Minnich & Son, …

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