Rolling Green Park

Rolling Green Park was an amusement park located in Hummel’s Wharf, Pennsylvania. The park opened in 1908 and closed in 1971.

Two roller coasters operated at the park – both opened in 1928. It is unclear when either coaster was closed, although the big coaster, Skyline Twister, likely closed when the park was closed in 1971. The other coaster, Junior Speedway, was a kiddie coaster.

Rolling Green was owned by Roman M. Spangler from 1936 until his death in September 1966. The Spangler estate sold the park to Luke E. Bogar, November 1967. In 1970, Bogart was in negotiations to sell the park to William E. Dieck of Sunbury, but those negotiations appeared to have fallen through very late in the talks.

In December 1971, Bogar announced that the park was closing and would be transformed into a housing development. By April 1972 a bunch of the rides were sold, and in early June 1972, the property was sold to real estate developer Diversified Structures, Inc.; Bogar maintained ownership of whatever rides were remaining on property, including a fun house – but the fun house’s stunts were had been sold.

In late June, the property was flooded in the Flood of 1972 caused by Hurricane Agnes. Even though the park was permanently closed, the flood represented a permanent end to the park, as the property was devastated by the flood – some of the rides that were on the property waiting to be sold were destroyed.

Bogar used the old fun house building for a Bogar Construction Company office. The building burned in 1975, which Bogar thought was very suspicious. It’s unknown if a cause of fire was ever determined.

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