Forest Park

This park has no relation to Forest Park Coaster Company of Dayton, Ohio. 

Forest Park was a trolley park in Hanover, Pennsylvania. It was opened on June 25, 1904, and closed after the 1967 season. From its opening in 1904 until 1926, the park was owned by Hanover and McSherrystown Street Railway Company. The park was originally named Eichelberger Park; the name was changed to Forest Park when August Karst became manager of the park in 1926. In 1930, Karst purchased 17 acres of land which included Forest Park.

A roller coaster was constructed and opened that year. It was originally named Greyhound and was later renamed Roller Dip. The coaster was 2100 feet long (640 meters) and had a maximum height of 73 feet (22.25 meters).


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