Hersheypark coasters list

This is a list of all of the roller coasters at Hersheypark, which to date, include 17 wooden or steel roller coasters and 1 steel water roller coaster. The first coaster opened in 1923, which was a wooden roller coaster called The Wild Cat (originally The Joy Ride). The first steel coaster was added to the park in 1972, the Twin Towers Toboggans. 

Note: This list includes Breakers Edge Water Coaster because Hersheypark places it in their category of roller coasters, even though it is not a roller coaster. As a result, Breakers Edge is included on this list. 

List of coasters

Hersheypark currently has 14 roller coaster, with five defunct roller coasters for a total of 19.

Roller coaster Season Manufacturer Type
Opened Closed
The Wild Cat June 16, 1923 September 9, 1945 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Wooden
Comet May 30, 1946 Operating Philadelphia Toboggan Company Wooden
Twin Towers Toboggans (#1) May 7, 1972 October 2, 1977 Chance Manufacturing Company Steel
Twin Towers Toboggans (#2) May 7, 1972 October 2, 1977 Chance Manufacturing Company Steel
Mini-Comet May 18, 1974 October 1, 1978 B.A. Schiff & Associates Kiddie steel
Trailblazer May 18, 1974 Operating Arrow Development Company Steel
sooperdooperLooper May 8, 1977 Operating Schwarzkopf Industries GmbH Steel
Sidewinder May 11, 1991 Operating Vekoma Rides Manufacturing BV Steel
Wildcat May 26, 1996 Operating Great Coasters International, Inc. Wooden
Great Bear May 23, 1998 Operating Bolliger & Mabillard Inc. Steel
Wild Mouse May 8, 1999 Operating Mack Rides Steel
Lightning Racer May 13, 2000 Operating Great Coasters International, Inc. Wooden
Roller Soaker May 11, 2002 September 3, 2012 Setpoint Inc. Steel Water
Storm Runner May 8, 2004 Operating Intamin AG Steel
Fahrenheit May 24, 2008 Operating Intamin AG Steel
Skyrush May 26, 2012 Operating Intamin AG Steel
Cocoa Cruiser May 10, 2014 Operating Antonio Zamperla, S.p.A Kiddie steel
Laff Trakk May 23, 2015 Operating Maurer AG Steel
Breakers Edge May 26, 2018 Operating ProSlide Technology, Inc. Water
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