Carrousel Circle | 1972-2004

This area of the park still exists today, but it is now part of Founders Way. And though it was renamed and renovated into Founders Circle in 2005, many people still call it Carrousel Circle. This is what today’s post is about – the first major addition to Hersheypark in the modern era.

Phase I Hersheypark (09-1972)
Phase I of Hersheypark included 3 new themed regions.

Carrousel Circle opened on May 7, 1972 to a lot of fanfare. It and three other sections were also opened, but Carrousel Circle was no doubt the most important. The new main entrance of the park would lead directly into Carrousel Circle, though that area of the park (then called Tudor Square and Rhineland) didn’t open until 1973. The entrance of the park was by Derry Road at Hersheypark Arena right next to the Monorail station.

  • Carrousel Circle replaced the old baseball field where the first opening of Hersheypark was held all the way back on Memorial Day 1906.
  • Only one ride prior to 1972 existed in any part of the area that became Carrousel Circle. The ride was removed: Miniature Train. Miniature Train later made a return during Christmas Candylanes starting in 1983. It was then installed in Midway America from 1997-2014.
  • Carrousel Circle was partially completed in 1972 – the remainder was finished in 1973.
  • The initial name for Carrousel Circle was Circus Circle, but the circus concept was quickly abandoned.
  • Carrousel Circle had two roller coasters – the Twin Towers Toboggans – from 1972-1977.
  • Starlight Arcade, an area at the entrance of Carrousel Circle, was replaced in 2003 by a fountain and statue of Milton S. Hershey.

Carrousel Circle ride changes

1972: Opened with Carrousel, Scrambler, Space Age, Helicopters, Traffic Jam, Monster and Twin Towers Toboggans.

1973: Giant Wheel added.

1978: Twin Towers Toboggans replaced by Flying Bobs.

1982: Flying Bobs replaced by Balloon Flite.

1983: Monster replaced by Tilt-a-Whirl.

1987: Balloon Flite is relocated, replaced by Mini-Himalaya.

1990: Der Deitschplatz is merged into Carrousel Circle.

1995: Tilt-a-Whirl relocated to Comet Hollow, replaced by Tiny Tracks.

2004: Giant Wheel is removed in October.

2005: Carrousel Circle is renamed Founders Circle.

My beautiful picture
Part of Carrousel Circle seen here, from 1982.

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