Bradley & Kaye Amusement Company

This is my regular Tuesday series about ride manufacturers who have made rides for Hersheypark. Today’s article is about Bradley & Kaye.

Bradley & Kaye Amusement Co., was a ride manufacturer company which existed in Long Beach, California. The company was founded by Dave Bradley and Don Kaye when the duo purchased Beverly Park in 1945. They focused on having kiddie rides in the park, and this became one of the parks that influenced the development of Disneyland.

Don Kaye, who had a background in music, decided to return to the music industry, leaving Bradley & Kaye. Dave Bradley said that after Kaye left, he decided to keep the name the same.

Starting in 1947, Bradley & Kaye produced a portable kiddie roller coaster, the Little Dipper. In late 1948, Allan Herschell Company reached an agreement with Bradley & Kaye to construct and sell the coaster and another kiddie ride, a boat ride.

1948-01-31 The Billboard (p65).jpg
Advert for the Little Dipper manufactured by Bradley & Kaye.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the company produced a variety of other rides including a children’s balloon ride. Hersheypark has one of these ride, called Balloon Flite.

Balloon Flite [large]
Balloon Flite, Hersheypark, 2016.
The Little Balloons, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 2021

Dave Bradley ended up selling the assets of Bradley & Kaye to Chance Rides in December 1986. Chance’s interest was in the carousel animals Bradley & Kaye produced.

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