Expansive Growth (1991-2000)

1991: The first coaster since sooperdooperLooper is added: Sidewinder opens in Pioneer Frontier across from Pioneer Food Court. This is the final season of operation for Sky Ride.

1992: Nothing significant is added.

1993: The Sweetest Parade on Earth debuts. Hersheypark begins using candy branded height categories.

1994: The final piece of Pioneer Frontier is installed:  Tidal Force opens as the world’s tallest splashdown ride. This is the final season of operation for Rotor.

1995: With the removal of Rotor, Tilt-A-Whirl is relocated to Comet Hollow. To fill the hole in Comet Hollow, the park adds a new kiddie ride: Tiny Tracks. This is the final season of operation for the Mini-Skooters.

1996: A new themed section is opened: Midway America. This area, located just beyond Tidal Force, opens with a new roller coaster named Wildcat. Built by Great Coasters International (GCI),  this coaster is named for The Wild Cat that operated from 1923-1945. An inflatable bounce ride, Moonwalk, is purchased by the park and used at special events.

1997: The second phase of Midway America opens: Ferris Wheel and Whip are added. Granny Bugs and Pony Parade are relocated to Midway America. Miniature Train, only used during Candylane since 1983, is placed with the two other kiddie rides. New Reverchon bumper cars were installed for Fender Bender.

1998: A new roller coaster is installed: Great Bear. The station was built in Minetown and it was the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the park. This is the final season of operation for Frontier Chute-Out.

1999: Hersheypark further expands Midway America by creating the “Hersheypark Fair.” Midway Fair Tent is placed adjacent to Wildcat’s entrance and exit. Merry Derry Dip Fun Slides is placed near the Fair Tent. Twin kiddie drop towers, Frog Hopper, is installed next to Ferris Wheel. Music Express is installed adjacent to Whip. The Mack roller coaster Wild Mouse was installed across from the entrance to Wildcat, and Chaos, a Chance manufactured ride, is installed next to Wild Mouse. The slides for Frontier Chute-Out are removed and replaced by new slides. The new ride is called Western Chute-Out.

2000: Lightning Racer, a racing dueling coaster, also built by GCI, opens. The signature piece of Midway America, the ride has a double track which is nearly mirrored, except for one point where they cross over each other. The coaster has a tunnel which actually had a waterfall effect that was only used for a couple of seasons. Two new kiddie rides are added to the Midway Fair Tent: Crazy Climber and Tiger’s Tail. Moonwalk is placed in the Fair Tent as well.

1981-1990: Trying Times                                                                                                                                   2001-2010: The New Century