Hersheypark Christmas Candylane | Timeline

1976: A Christmas holiday park event is conceptualized, but not implemented.

1983: Hersheypark Christmas Candylane (CCL) opens for the first time, on November 25.

1994: CCL expands, incorporating Fender Bender and Dry Gulch Railroad.

1995: Santa’s Castle is added in Playdome Arcade.

1997: Santa’s Stables are added.

1998: Minetown (today called Kissing Tower Hill) is incorporated into CCL. Horse Drawn Carriage rides are added.

1999: Minetown is rethemed Santa Claus Lane for the first time and Santa’s Castle is relocated there. Playdome Arcade becomes the Train Workshop.

2001: Twin Turnpike and Kissing Tower are operated during CCL for the first time.

2002: Comet Hollow is incorporated into CCL. Skyview is also placed in operation for the event.

2003: Hershey Sweet Lights are added. The attraction is located on Boathouse Road near the park. The Kissmas Tree is added to the park. The Train Workshop is relocated to Rhineland and named Alpine Train Village for one season.

2006: All seasonal park events go to a gate entry price, eliminating tickets and wristbands.

2009: N.O.E.L., a music and lights show incorporating the Kissmas Tree, in Comet Hollow, debuts.

2013: Rudolph’s Skating Pond is relocated from The Hotel Hershey’s Harvest Plaza and retained by the park for future Candylane events.

2014: The first roller coaster is operated during CCL: Cocoa Cruiser, which had opened earlier in the year.

2015: Parts of Pioneer Frontier and Midway America are opened for CCL for the first time. In addition to Cocoa Cruiser, three other roller coasters are open for the event: Laff Trakk, sooperdooperLooper, Wildcat. A second lights show, 12 Days of Christmas, is added as a walkthrough show between Fahrenheit and Lightning Racer. Kissing Tower Hill is not rethemed Santa Claus Lane for the first time since 1998.

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