West Derry Road | Notables

This is a list of notable properties on West Derry Road, a road which ran between Hockersville Road at Giant Center and Park Avenue at Parkside Hotel near where Storm Runner, Trailblazer, and Sidewinder are in Hersheypark.

From west to east:

  • Parkview Golf Course (Hershey Park Golf Club 1930-1970), closed 2005
    • Clubhouse was 300 Park Boulevard, currently 117 Chocolate World Way
  • Hershey Baking Company Experimental Bakery & Candy Kitchen, 1939-1980s
    • 248 West Derry Road
  • Hershey Ice Palace
    • Formerly Hershey Convention Center, Hershey Museum
  • Parkside Apartments, closed 1980s
    • Across from Lobby One, Historic Hersheypark Arena
  • Historic Hersheypark Arena
    • 136 West Derry Road
  • The Brown House, relocated 1950s, torn down 1970s
    • 126 West Derry Road
  • Cassel’s Grocery
    • 10 West Derry Road
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