1977-11-16 Lebanon Daily News (p60)ZooAmerica is the oldest themed area in Hersheypark today. It opened in 1978, in the area that had been Hershey Park Zoo until 1970. ZooAmerica is a North American wildlife park, which was different than Hershey Park Zoo, which had many exotic animals including elephants and monkeys. ZooAmerica ties into the cultural exposition theme by being about the different natural regions which exist in the United States.

When ZooAmerica was opened, on May 7, 1978, it marked the first time Hersheypark expanded since becoming a theme park in 1972 – the park grew ten acres from 65 acres to 75 acres. A bridge was built from the Contemporary named area in the park to the zoo. This entrance was adjacent Himalaya and is still in the park at that spot today.

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