List of used rides Hersheypark purchased

This is a list of rides Hersheypark purchased used, rather than being brand new. In the history of the park, almost all of the rides that have been operated were purchased new. There are 11 rides the park purchased used or rented, and one which the park purchased new, sold, rented, and then purchased back.

# Ride Season Status
Opened Closed
1 Carrousel (1908) 1908 1912 From Herschell-Spillman Company
2 The Bug 1933 1981 From Century of Progress
3 Aerial Joy Ride 1941 1961 From 1939 New York World’s Fair
4 Carrousel (1945) 1945 Operating From Philadelphia Toboggan Company
5 Starship America 1962 Operating From Pontchartrain Beach
6 Little Red Caboose 1970 1970 From Reading Railroad
7 Mini Comet 1974 1978 Unknown
8 Livery Stables 1979 Operating From Steeplechase Park
9 Pony Parade 1979 Operating From Steeplechase Park
10 Little Wheel 1983 1983 Rented from Majestic Midways
11 Mini Scrambler 2002 Operating From Blackbeard’s Cave

Miniature Train

See the Miniature Train article for more details on how the park ended up renting this ride, which they had purchased new, in 1955.

Ride Season Status
First Last
Miniature Train 1983 1996 Rented from Jeff Waltermyer

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