List of Universal Mobility monorail systems

This is a list of Universal Mobility, Inc. (UMI), monorail systems. The first two systems manufactured by UMI were constructed while the company was called Constam Corporation. The company was reorganized as UMI sometime in 1969.

UNIMOBIL Type II system
System Location Opened Closed
Monorail California Exposition 1968 Operating
Monorail Hersheypark 1969 Operating
Metro Six Flags Magic Mountain 1971 2001
UNIMOBIL Tourister Type II system
System Location Opened Closed
Carowinds Monorail Carowinds 1973 1994
Wild Animal Habitat Monorail Jungle Jim’s International Market 1974 Operating
Wild Animal Safari Monorail Kings Dominion 1975 1993
Skytrail Minnesota Zoo 1979 2013
Monorail Zoo Miami 1982 Operating
Monorail 1984 Louisiana World Exposition 1984 1984

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