Catering Areas

Hersheypark began adding catering areas to the park in 1973, after having many picnic pavilions from the park’s opening in 1906 through 1972.

This is a list of catering areas which have existed in the park.

Catering area Season
Opened Closed
Creekside 1973 2015
Hersheypark Arena 1975 circa 1980s
Pirat’s Cove 1982 1983
Dry Gulch Galley 1984 1990
Pioneer Frontier 1987 Operating
The Loft 1987 Operating
Trailblazer 1991 Operating
Tower Terrace 1993 1997
Tidal Force 1994 Operating
Wildcat 1997 Operating
Midway Tent 2015 Operating

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