RhinelandRhineland was added to Hersheypark in 1973 and was one of two themed areas added to the park that season. Rhineland began at the new main gate, also added in 1973, and ended at Carrousel Circle. Only one ride was added to Rhineland – Sky Ride in 1974 – but many were planned. This included using the Miniature Railroad train for a new ride, the Rhine River Express, as well as a river boat ride called the Rhine River Boat. Due to economic troubles around 1973 (the first oil crisis), as well as cost overruns for the renovation, Hersheypark cancelled a number of rides including those mentioned for Rhineland.

Rhineland was themed after the ancestral areas the Pennsylvania Dutch originated. This was part of the cultural exposition Hersheypark used as its connective theme. A number of structures were built to house shops and food places.

The Sky Ride was closed after the 1991 season, leaving Rhineland without any rides. In 2014, Rhineland was combined with several other themed areas to become Founder’s Way.

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