Hersheypark In The Dark Rides Renamed

This is a list of rides that operated in Creatures of the Night or Hersheypark In The Dark and the names these rides went by during this event.

List of rides

Ride name Halloween-themed name
Balloon Flite Balloon Flite (2000-2002)
Balloon Fright (2005 onward)
Bizzy Bees Hornet’s Nest
Carrousel Night Mares
Chaos Vampire Vortex
Cocoa Cruiser Count Cruiser
Comet Ichabod’s Train
Conestoga Hay Wagon
Convoy Monster Macks
Cyclops Spider’s Web
Dinosaurs-Go-Round Spooky-O-Saurus
Dizzy Drums Witches’ Kettles
Dry Gulch Railroad Howl-O-Ween Express
Earthmovers Monster Movers
Fahrenheit FEARenheit
Fender Bender Things That Go Bump in the Night
Ferris Wheel Witches’ Wheel
Flying Falcon Raven Haven
Frog Hopper Frog Brew Bouncers
Frontier Flyers Ghost Gliders
Giant Wheel Giant Squeal
Granny Bugs Bug-A-Boo
Great Bear Great Scare
Helicopters Casper’s Copters
Kissing Tower Bats in the Belfry
Ladybug Creepy Crawlers
Lightning Racer Wicked Racer
Livery Stables Haunted Stables
Merry Derry Dip Fun Slides Scary Derry Dip
Mini Pirate Black Pearl
Mini Scrambler Mini Monster Mixer
Mini-Himalaya Howling Himalaya
Miniature Train Runaway Train
Monorail Mummy Rail
Moonwalk Scaredy Cat (2001-2003)
Boo Bounce (2004-2005)
Music Express Nightmare Express
Pirate Ghostly Galleon
Pony Parade Sleepy Hollow Horse Carts (1995-1997)
Monster Movers (2003 onward)
Red Baron Phantom Flyers
Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge Reese’s X-Scream Cup Challenge
Rodeo Spooky Spinner
Rolling Rovers Trolling Rovers
Scrambler Screeching Scrambler
Sidewinder Scarewinder
Skyrush Scarerush
Skyview Sorcerer’s Flight
sooperdooperLooper SooperBOOperLooper
Space Age Space Pumpkins
Starship America Alien Orbiter
Storm Runner Ghost Runner
Sweet Swing Spooky Swing
Swing Thing Web Spinner
Tea Cups Cider Cups
The Claw Raven Claw
The Howler The Howler
Tiger’s Tail Creep ‘N Crawl
Tilt-A-Whirl Witches’ Brew
Tiny Tracks Tricky Tracks
Traffic Jam Ghost Caravan
Trailblazer Ichabod’s Train (1995-1997)
Boo-Blazer (2000 onward)
Twin Turnpike Antique Cars Transylvania Turnpike Antique Cars
Twin Turnpike Sports Cars Transylvania Turnpike Sports Cars
Wave Swinger Swings of Salem
Whip Spider’s Web
Wild Mouse Mouse Stew
Wildcat Scaredy Cat

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