Woodside Park

Woodside Park operated from June 12, 1897 to September 11, 1955. It was adjacent to Fairmount Park, and was one of the most famous parks in Philadelphia, the other being Willow Grove Park.

There were 8 roller coasters, including one kiddie coaster. The first roller coaster was opened in 1897, and was manufactured by L.A. Thompson. It was a switchback railway called Thompson’s Scenic Railway.

A fire badly damaged the park in 1916. The park recovered and reopened in 1917.

Following the end of the 1955 park season, Woodside Park was sold to a neighborhood developer to construct houses and apartments on the park site. The intention was for the rides to be transferred to a new park in Levittown, Pennsylvania, but the local municipality in Levittown shot down the park proposal.