The Boardwalk at Hersheypark

The BoardwalkFor Hersheypark’s centennial celebrations in 2007, Hersheypark added The Boardwalk, which was located in the large field in the middle of Midway America. This theme area recalled themes of the old pool, and incorporated Canyon River Rapids, Tidal Force, and Roller Soaker, as well. East Coast Waterworks, a slide complex called Coastline Plunge, Waverunner, and a couple of children / family water rides were added as part of The Boardwalk in 2007.

Other additions to The Boardwalk include an expansion in 2009. The Boardwalk expanded. Canyon River Rapids had been removed and replaced with Intercoastal Waterway, a lazy river, and The Shore, a large wave pool. This addition was called the SeaQuel. In 2013, Roller Soaker was removed and replaced with Shoreline Sprayground. A pair of slides were added to Coastline Plunge.