Der Deitschplatz

1972 Der Deitschplatz.jpgDer Deitschplatz (also Der Deitsch Platz) was the third themed area added in 1972. It replaced part of Kiddieland, and was themed after the Pennsylvania Dutch. Hersheypark added this area because of the popularity of the Pennsylvania Dutch Days, a multi-day event which would continue through 1979.  Der Deitschplatz connected Carrousel Circle to the area by Comet.

Der Deitschplatz in English meant The Pennsylvania Dutch Place. As such, a large bank barn was constructed, the Craftbarn, and another building was built across from that (Pennsylvania Dutch Candy Kitchen and souvenir shop).

Der Deitschplatz existed as a theme area until 1989. It was merged into Carrousel Circle for the 1990 season. Ashley’s Antique Photos, a popular photo spot, was added in the mid-90s. Today, all of Der Deitschplatz is part of Founder’s Way. Part of the Candy Kitchen became a Subway and the Craftbarn is now Founder’s Kitchen.

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