Hersheypark updates in 2017

With Park Boulevard being rerouted in 2016, a segment of old Park Boulevard was abandoned that is adjacent the main entrance of Hersheypark.

Since early April, a bunch of markers have appeared on this part of old Park Boulevard.

The updates to this area are pretty historically significant given that Hershey Park Pool, Starlight Ballroom, and Hershey Creamery Model Dairy used to be in this area.

Hersheypark in 1963
Hersheypark in 1963, including Hershey Park Pool, Starlight Ballroom and the Hershey Creamery’s Model Dairy on Park Boulevard.

With all of the markers you can see in the articles posted about this, each color has a different representation.

An example of a marker can be seen in the image below.

Tram Circle
Photo courtesy of Matthew Meckley.

This is a UGI Energy Services, Inc., 4 inch gas line, originally installed in 1979. The marker is yellow, representing the category a gas line would belong. Other yellow markers could represent oil, steam, petroleum, or other gaseous materials.

Here is Pennsylvania’s Temporary Marking Guidelines, which are identical to other states.

Temporary Marking Guidelines (PA 811)
This can be found on PA1Call.org, Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc., or Pennsylvania 811.

Here are list of articles related to these updates:


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