Something Old & Something New (2011-2016)

2011: No significant changes are made due to ongoing construction for Skyrush, which would open the following season. Tiny Tracks is placed in storage following the season because Tilt-A-Whirl was relocated back to where Tiny Tracks had been. This was done to accommodate the addition of the Skyrush station in Comet Hollow. Tropical Storm Lee comes into Central Pennsylvania in September causing the worst flooding in the history of the park.

2012: Skyrush, the first 200 foot tall coaster in the park, opens. Comet Hollow is rethemed as The Hollow. This is the final season of operation for Roller Soaker.

2013: A third addition to The Boardwalk is opened. Two new slides are placed on Coastline Plunge – Hydro and Pipeline. In the former Roller Soaker area, water elements on the ground are partially converted into Shoreline Sprayground. This is the final season of operation for Tiny Timbers.

2014: A new kiddie coaster, Cocoa Cruiser, is opened. This is the first kiddie coaster in the park since Mini-Comet was removed in 1978. Two new rides are added to The Hollow (where Mini-Comet once also operated): Sweet Swing, a kiddie ride, and Tea Cups, a family ride. This is the final season of operation for Miniature Train once again and is placed in storage. Minetown is renamed Kissing Tower Hill. Tudor Square, Rhineland, Founders Circle, and Music Box Way are combined into Founders Way.

2015: Hersheypark introduces its first indoor roller coaster: Laff Trakk. The name and theme of the ride is inspired from old funhouses that had been in the park (Whoops and Laugh Land in particular).

2016: No significant changes are made. New, softer restraints are placed on Storm Runner and Fahrenheit, replacing both coaster’s original restraints.

2001-2010: The New Century
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