Tower Plaza

Tower Plaza InviteTower Plaza was a themed area created in 1975 with the addition of Kissing Tower and the Twin Turnpike to the old entrance area of Hersheypark. This area had been the main entrance of Hersheypark from the opening of the park until 1970.

Tower Plaza was originally intended to be a themed area called Contempo where the Overlook Arcade and Restaurant are today, in front of Coal Cracker. Due to economic issues from the oil crisis and cost overruns with the renovations, this concept was postponed. The delay resulted in a new concept being created: Tower Plaza.

Tower Plaza remained in the park until the end of the 1989 season. The Minetown theme area was introduced in 1990 as a merging of the Contemporary named area and Tower Plaza, as well as the original planned Minetown area where Coal Cracker and the Sky Ride station were.

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