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The Amusement Parkives is a website about the histories of amusement parks, thrills, and more. This site features Hersheypark history project “Lifetime of Thrills: Hersheypark.” Other projects included are about West View Park, other defunct parks in Pennsylvania, amusement ride manufacturers, monorail systems, and more.

The word “parkives” is a combination of the words park and archives. The goal for this website is to be a comprehensive repository of information about many amusement parks, current or defunct, ride manufacturers, current or defunct, transportation systems, current or defunct, and more.

There are several main projects on The Amusement Parkives. Here is a list:

  • Hersheypark
  • West View Park
  • Monorail in-park transportation systems
  • Pittsburgh Exposition
  • Early roller coasters

You can find information on any of these projects by accessing the navigation menu above. For example, a library database subsection features maps, timelines, and more about Hersheypark. That is included in the navigation menu: just look under Amusement Parks > Main Projects > Hersheypark > Library to access the area. If the navigation menu isn’t working on your device, click here to see a site map.

The author and creator of this website is Harry Michelson. It began as a Facebook group that he created on February 29, 2012. Titled Hersheypark History Group, it began as a place for people to share old Hersheypark pictures. On February 18, 2016, Harry began posting regular Throwback Thursday posts to the group. In  April 2016, he began this website to have Throwback Thursday posts and more.

Since then, this website has seen a couple more feature series appear, one which was about ride manufacturers for amusement parks. The other was about monorail systems at parks, zoos, world’s fairs, and other places. There have also been a few articles about other amusement parks in Pennsylvania and across the United States, as well as defunct parks in Pennsylvania.

This blog is in no way affiliated with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company. However, Harry worked for the company for a number of years, which is why he became interested in the history of the amusement park.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy everything that you see here. Links to the most recent posts are on the right side of the page. Additional links of interest are below.

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