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List of Rides at Hersheypark

This is section is a database of rides removed or operating at Hersheypark. I compiled this list based off of Hersheypark’s list of rides, rides mentioned in Sweetness of Success: Hersheypark, rides mentioned in Images of America: Hersheypark, Hersheypark documentation (park guides, press releases, internal communications available at Hershey Community Archives, etc.) , newspapers, and other miscellaneous documents.

Each ride will have a link to an article about that type of ride. For example, kiddie rides will be grouped into one page, while carousels will be grouped into another. I am doing this to simplify the number of pages needed. Hersheypark has had 146 rides – simplification is best.

Due to the reasoning that only a few rides were added in some decades, rather than listing rides by decade, I’ve grouped them together in periods of several decades.

Complete List of Rides Removed or Operating at Hersheypark:

Series by ride classification:

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