List of Rides | 1971 – 1995

Note: This list is organized by “Ride name”: “Year Installed”-“Year Removed”; “Manufacturer”. 

1971 – 1977 | The R. Duell Plan

No new rides were installed in 1971. 

Monster: 1972-1982; Eyerly Aircraft Company.

Scrambler: 1972-operating; Eli Bridge Company.

Twin Towers Toboggans (#1): 1972-1977; Chance Rides.

Twin Towers Toboggans (#2): 1972-1977; Chance Rides.

Coal Cracker: 1973-operating; Arrow Development.

Giant Wheel: 1973-2004; Waagner-Biro AG.

Mini-Comet: 1974-1978; B.A. Schiff & Associates.

Sky Ride: 1974-1991; Doppelmayr.

Trailblazer: 1974-operating; Arrow Development.

Himalaya: 1975-1989; Reverchon.

Kissing Tower: 1975-operating; Waagner-Biro AG.

Twin Turnpike | Antique Cars: 1975-operating; Arrow Development.

Twin Turnpike | Sports Cars: 1975-operating; Arrow Development.

Earthmovers: 1976-2002; Chance Rides.

Ladybug: 1976-operating; Hershey Estates.

sooperdooperLooper: 1977-operating; Schwarzkopf.


1978 – 1983 | Outside Influence

Coal Shaker: 1978-1989; Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Fender Bender: 1978-1996; Lusse Brothers, Incorporated.

Flying Bobs: 1978-1981; Chance Rides.

Mini-Skooters: 1978-1995; Lusse Brothers, Incorporated.

Rodeo: 1978-2008; Chance Rides.

Named Trabant from 1978-1984.

 Livery Stables: 1979-operating; W.F. Mangels Company.

Also known as Antique Kiddie Carrousel and Antique Mini Carrousel. 

Pony Parade: 1979-operating; W.F. Mangels Company.

Also known as Ponycarts. 

Cyclops: 1980-2002; HUSS Maschinenfabrik.

Pirat: 1980-operating; HUSS Maschinenfabrik.

Balloon Flite: 1982-operating; Bradley & Kaye.

Placed in storage for the 2004 season. 

Paddleboats: 1982-2006; KL Industries.

Wave Swinger: 1982-operating; Zierer.

Tilt-A-Whirl: 1983-operating; Sellner Manufacturing.

Little Wheel: 1983-1983; Eli Bridge Company


1984 – 1995 | The Pioneer Expansion

Conestoga: 1984-2002; Arrow-Huss.

Timber Rattler: 1984-1987; Schwarzkopf.

Granny Bugs: 1985-operating; Hampton Amusement Corporation / Venture Rides Manufacturing hybrid.

Swing Thing: 1985-operating; Zamperla.

No new rides were installed in 1986. 

Canyon River Rapids: 1987-2008; Hafema GmbH.

Frontier Meeting House: 1987-1989; Arrow Dynamics.

Mini-Himalaya: 1987-operating; Venture Rides Manufacturing.

Frontier Chute-Out: 1988-1998; New Wave Rides.

Rolling Rovers: 1988-operating; Mason Corporation.

Placed in storage 2009-2010. 

Tiny Timbers: 1989-2013; Venture Rides Manufacturing.

Convoy: 1990-operating; Zamperla.

Dinosaur-Go-Round: 1990-operating; Venture Rides Manufacturing.

Flying Falcon: 1990-operating; HUSS Maschinenfabrik (under Arrow Dynamics).

Red Baron: 1990-operating; Zamperla.

Sidewinder: 1991-operating; Vekoma.

Tidal Force: 1994-operating; Hopkins Rides.

Tiny Tracks: 1995-operating; Zamperla.

Placed in storage from 2012-2014, reinstalled in park in late 2014.

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