Kaptain Kid’s Kove

1986-05-15 The Gettysburg Times (p4)Kaptain Kid’s Kove was opened in 1986, replacing Kid’s Stuff. The playground was improved and the stage from Kid’s Stuff was kept. It had a naval theme, and the area was “kristened” on May 17, 1986, at noon, in an event called “the Kristening of Kaptain Kid’s Kove.”

One of the main attractions at Kaptain Kid’s Kove was a pirate magician who performed for children.

Kaptain Kid’s Kove was the last iteration of a themed area in this location in the park. Following the 1990 season, the area was converted into Trailblazer Catering. This happened because Sidewinder, Hersheypark’s newest roller coaster in 1991, was installed in the location Dry Gulch Galley Catering occupied. Dry Gulch catering was relocated to Kaptain Kid’s Kove as a result and renamed Trailblazer Catering. Trailblazer Catering is in this location to this day.

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