Kiddieland was a themed area of Hersheypark that existed from 1949-1971. Several kiddie rides had been installed in the park prior to 1949 and they are:

  • Ferris Wheel (1926)
  • Airplane Swing
  • Sailboats
  • Automobiles

The Ferris wheel and Airplane Swing were added in 1926, the Sailboats were added in 1928, and the Automobiles were added in 1935. Occasionally, a newspaper would call this area “Kiddieland,” but it wasn’t until 1949 that Hersheypark created an official Kiddieland area in the park.¬†When they did,¬†Hersheypark added two new kiddie rides cementing the themed area. These two kiddie rides were the Lucas Motor Boat Ride and the Horse & Buggy.

By 1971, Hersheypark had 13 kiddie rides and Kiddieland had been split into two sections: North Kiddieland and South Kiddieland.

Here are the rides that were in each area:

Ride area Ride name
South Kiddieland Sailboats
Horse & Buggy
Lucas Motor Boat Ride
Miniature Train
Ferris Wheel (1959)
OutBoard Motor Boats
North Kiddieland Helicopters
Space Age

Hersheypark Phase I renovation resulted in the closure of Kiddieland. Three of the most popular kiddie rides were relocated into the new Carrousel Circle (Helicopters, Motorcycle, Space Age) while the less popular kiddie rides were removed from the park (Ferris Wheel (1959), Horse & Buggy, Lucas Motor Boat Ride, and Miniature Train). Miniature Train ended up being brought back to the park for use in Christmas Candylane, and then was installed in Midway America from 1997-2014. Miniature Train is currently in storage. Hersheypark also bought a different version of the Horse & Buggy which they called Ponycarts, in 1979. Renamed Pony Parade, it currently operates in Midway America.

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