Stagnation (1951-1960)

1951: No significant changes are made.

1952: A new kiddie ride, the Miniature Train, is installed.

1953: No significant changes were made.

1954: No significant changes were made.

1955: Another new kiddie ride, Kiddie Turnpike, is installed.

1956: No significant changes were made.

1957: Hershey Park Ballroom is renovated and renamed the Starlight Ballroom because a section of the roof was opened up so you could see the sky. This was an attempt to attract more visitors to the Ballroom.

1958: No significant changes were made.

1959: A third kiddie ride in the decade is added – a second kiddie Ferris wheel, Kiddie Ferris Wheel (1959).

1960: Turnpike is added to the park. This is the final season of operation for the park’s first two kiddie rides, Kiddie Ferris Wheel (1926) and Airplane Swing.

1941-1950: World War II and Postwar America                                                                              1961-1970: Attempts at Growth

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