Trying Times (1981-1990)

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CinemaVision (domed structure, top left) and Pirat’s Cove Catering (bottom right) in 1982.

1981: Animal Gardens is converted into a new theme area: Kids Stuff. This is the final season of operation for The Bug and Flying Bobs.

1982: Several contemporary areas of the park are given names: Odyssey Alley, Spring Creek Hollow, and Trailblazer. Odyssey Alley name comes from the addition of CinemaVision just beyond Cyclops at the edge of the park. With the removal of The Bug, Wave Swinger was installed, as well as Paddleboats. This area of the park was named Spring Creek Hollow. The old Auto Skooters building was converted into Paddleboat Cafe. The octagonal food building was also torn down. A miniature golf course was added. A kiddie ride, Balloon Flite, was added to Carrousel Circle in place of the Flying Bobs. This is the final season of operation for Monster.

1983: With Monster having been removed from Carrousel Circle, Tilt-a-Whirl was installed in its place. Hersheypark Christmas Candylane opens for the first time. Odyssey Alley name is dropped from use at the end of the season.

1984: Hersheypark expands once again, this time with a new themed area planned. For this season, it was called Old West. This theme was proposed in the R. Duell plan. Two new rides were added: Conestoga and Timber Rattler. Dry Gulch Railroad track is changed from a figure-8 to a full oval. This is the final season of operation for OutBoard Motor Boats.

1985: The second phase of the Old West expansion is completed. The area is named Pioneer Frontier. A food court is constructed inside Dry Gulch Railroad’s course, and two kiddie rides are placed in buildings at the far end of the food court. A kiddie ride, Swing Thing is installed in the park. Dizzy Drums is relocated next to Earthmovers, while Whipperoo is relocated to Pioneer Frontier Food Court and renamed Wells Cargo. Antique Kiddie Carrousel is the second kiddie ride moved to the food court and is renamed Livery Stables. The OutBoard Motor Boats are converted into Granny Bugs. This is the final season of operation for Kids Stuff. Spring Creek Hollow name is removed from use.

1986 Hersheypark map
Rodeo as seen on a 1986 Hersheypark map. Someone forgot to change the name from Trabant to Rodeo on the map.

1986: CinemaVision is converted into Frontier Meeting House. Trabant was relocated to Pioneer Frontier Food Court, and renamed Rodeo. Kids Stuff is converted into a new theme area – Kaptain Kids Kove.

1987: Canyon River Rapids is installed in Pioneer Frontier. Mini-Himalaya is installed in Carrousel Circle. Balloon Flite is relocated next to Fender Bender where Rodeo (named Trabant) had been between 1978 and 1985. This is the final season of operation for Timber Rattler.

1988: Frontier Chute-Out, 2 pairs of 2 water slides, is installed across from Canyon River Rapids. Rolling Rovers, a kiddie ride, is added on the opposite side of the bridge where the Aquatheater is. Rodeo is relocated from the food court to just down the midway across from Conestoga.

1989: A third water ride is added, this time a kiddie log flume: Tiny Timbers. This was placed next to Fender Bender and Balloon Flite was relocated to Pioneer Food Court. This is the final season of operation for Coal Shaker, Frontier Meeting House and Himalaya. The Penny Arcade was torn down after the end of the season. Plans for Midway America were drawn up and proposed as a long term plan to be enacted several years from then.

1990: A new themed area is introduced: Minetown. This was another themed area proposed in the R. Duell plan. The Flying Falcon was installed, replacing Himalaya. Three new kiddie rides were added: Convoy, Dinosaur-Go-Round and Red Baron. The Penny Arcade was replaced by a much larger building called Minetown Arcade (now called Overlook Arcade). Minetown Vittles (now called Overlook Restaurant) was incorporated into the new building on the lower level. Der Deitschplatz is combined with Carrousel Circle and is no longer a theme area. Tower Plaza and the Contemporary area (the area surrounding the former Himalaya and Coal Shaker)  is merged with the new Minetown. Comet Hollow is officially named. The area by Fender Bender and Music Box Theater is named Music Box Way. This is the final season of operation for Kaptain Kids Kove. The theme area is replaced by Trailblazer Catering the following season.

1971-1980: Modern Times                                                                                                                                 1991-2000: Expansive Growth

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