Hersheypark In The Dark | Timeline

1980: Creatures of the Night is held on October 31 at ZooAmerica.

1992: Creatures of the Night incorporates rides for the first time by expanding into the Minetown.

1995: Trailblazer Hollow (a sub-section of Pioneer Frontier) is incorporated into Creatures of the Night. It is called Sleepy Hollow; rides are given Halloween-themed names for the first time.

1997: The entrance to Creatures of the Night is moved from the public ZooAmerica entrance to the main entrance of Hersheypark in Tudor Square.

1998: The portions of the Halloween event not in ZooAmerica are renamed Hersheypark In The Dark (HPITD), while the portion in ZooAmerica was still called Creatures of the Night. Sleepy Hollow is relocated from Trailblazer Hollow to Comet Hollow.

2000: Music Box Way and Pioneer Frontier (including Trailblazer Hollow) are incorporated into HPITD.

2003: Midway America is incorporated into HPITD, except for Wildcat.

2004: Haunted Harvest operates for this season only during HPITD. Wildcat is operated during HPITD for the first time.

2006: All seasonal park events go to a gate entry price, eliminating tickets and wristbands. Treatville is added.

2015: Hersheypark stopped renaming rides for HPITD.

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