Growth and The Great War (1911-1920)

1911: The completed line of the Miniature Railroad opens. The main station is near the park entrance while the other station is near the ballfield. This is the final season of operation for the Herschell-Spillman carrousel.

1912: A Dentzel carrousel is installed replacing the Herschell-Spillman carrousel. The pool is rebuilt for the final time, and a permanent bathhouse is installed.

1913: The Elk Statue, currently located at the park entrance of ZooAmerica, is erected at the main entrance to Hershey Park, near the intersection of Park Boulevard and Park Avenue.

1914: A Shoot The Chute toboggan slide is added to the pool. The bandshell was constructed.

1915: Hershey Convention Center is built, primarily to attract the annual conference of the Church of the Brethren to have their event in Hershey. It is used for many other events as well.

1916: Hershey Park Cafe is created in the main pavilion in the park.

1917: United States involvement in World War One halts any significant changes to Hersheypark.

1918: No significant changes.

1919: Hersheypark plans to add a number of rides in the next few years, including a Whip and a Mill Chute, but these plans end up being postponed due to financial issues in the Hershey Chocolate Company.

1920: Hershey Chocolate Company nearly fails due to a collapse in sugar prices. The bank takes over management of the company until profits can be uprighted.

1903-1910: The First Years of Hersheypark                                                                                                               1921-1930: Reorganization

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