The New Century (2001-2010)

2001: No significant changes were made, however NightLights: A Laser Spectacular was added to Midway America. This show was presented at 10pm every night, weather depending.

2002: A new roller coaster is added to Midway America: Roller Soaker. Manufactured by Setpoint, it was a water coaster. It would only be in the park for ten years before removal. Roller Soaker was the final piece added to Midway America. In 2007, this and the remaining undeveloped area in Midway America would be incorporated into a new area, The Boardwalk. This is the final season of operation for Conestoga, Cyclops, Earthmovers, and Wells Cargo. Earthmovers and Wells Cargo are shipped to Dutch Wonderland, which was purchased by Hershey Entertainment & Resorts earlier in the year. Mini-Scrambler and Mini-Pirate are purchased for use during Christmas Candylane. Starship America is placed in storage at the end of the season to accommodate the improvements and expansion to Music Box Theater for the following season. This is the final season for Starlight Arcade. It is replaced by a water fountain and statue of Milton S. Hershey the following season.

2003: With the removal of Cyclops, The Claw is installed in it’s place. Mini-Scrambler is permanently installed next to Livery Stables which was relocated to a newly developed area in Pioneer Frontier, behind Pioneer Food Court. Frontier Flyers is placed in this same area. A new bridge is built across Dry Gulch Railroad connecting this area with The Claw. Balloon Flite is placed in storage when construction for a new roller coaster begins in Pioneer Frontier.

2004: The first launch coaster with inversions is installed at Hersheypark. Storm Runner is the first Intamin coaster in the park. The station is located across from Sidewinder and has a 180 foot drop, making it the tallest coaster in the park. It also “launched at 72 mph” making it the fastest coaster in the park. This is the final season of operation for Giant Wheel. A new roller coaster was planned to be installed in Giant Wheel’s location – Turbulence – but the roller coaster was cancelled. This is the final season for Carrousel Circle. The “Rollercowster” was installed in Tudor Square as part of the Cow Parade event which took place across the Greater Harrisburg area.

2005: Carrousel Circle is renovated and renamed Founders Circle. Starship America and Balloon Flite are installed in the former footprint of Giant Wheel. This is the final season of operation for Chaos and Crazy Climber. This is the first season Hersheypark had a contract for soft drinks with PepsiCo after many years with The Coca-Cola Company.

2006: The first dark ride since Frontier Meeting House is opened: Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge was a competition ride where two teams (chocolate and peanut butter) were trying to get the highest score by using a laser to shoot targets. Hersheypark announces the addition of a new themed area for the Centennial of Hersheypark – The Boardwalk. Construction began during the spring forcing the relocation of Frog Hopper to Minetown, and Dinosaurs-Go-Round to Founders Circle. Chaos was removed because it’s space would be used for water slides. This is the final season of operation for Paddleboats.

2007: Hersheypark celebrates its centennial anniversary with the addition of The Boardwalk. The following rides are introduced: Bayside Pier, East Coast Waterworks, Sandcastle Cove, Wave Rider. A water slide complex is also added, Coastline Plunge. The slides added are: Riptide, Surge, Vortex, and Whirlwind.  This is the final season of operation for the inflatable kiddie rides Moonwalk and Tiger’s Tail, as well as Western Chute-Out, which was now outdated with the addition of Coastline Plunge.

2008: Fahrenheit opens. With a 97 degree first drop, it is the steepest drop on any roller coaster (the record is soon surpassed). The Howler is added across from Fahrenheit’s station. This is the final season of operation for Canyon River Rapids and Rodeo, which are replaced by an addition to The Boardwalk. Rodeo is relocated to Dutch Wonderland.

2009: The SeaQuel, the first major addition to The Boardwalk, is opened. The new water rides opened are: Intercoastal Waterway and The Shore.

2010: No significant changes are made. Dutch Wonderland is sold to Palace Entertainment for an undisclosed fee.

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