Highland Park

Highland Park was an amusement park in York, Pennsylvania, which began as a trolley park in 1891, founded by what was eventually known as the York Railways Company.

1949-07-02 The [York, PA] Gazette and Daily (p14)
Featured in The Gazette and Daily (York, PA) on July 7, 1949, page 14.
In 1907, the park awarded T.M. Harton Company a contract to install a figure eight roller coaster at Highland. The roller coaster, called Figure Eight, operated from 1907 to 1916. The coaster was removed in favor of a carousel and a Ferris Wheel. The Harton Company relocated the coaster to a park in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

In 1921, York Railways sold the park to Eli Z. Zinn, who converted part of the property into a stone quarry. Roller skating continued to occur on part of the unconverted property up until World War II.

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