General Managers

This is a list of general managers of Hersheypark. Hersheypark formally opened on May 30, 1906. Mr. Hershey did not have a manager in charge of the park for the park’s first season. In 1907, he promoted Joseph R. Snavely as the first manager of Hersheypark. The current general manager of Hersheypark is Vikki Hultquist.

The general managers of the park were often responsible for overseeing other parts of Hershey Estates (such as Hersheypark Arena, the Hershey Bears hockey club, etc.) aside from Hersheypark.

Name Year
First Last
Position Did Not Exist 1906 1906
Joseph R. Snavely 1907 1911
Abraham T. Heilman 1911 1926
John R. Zoll 1927 1928
John Sollenberger 1928 1949
George W. Bartels 1949 1963
Lloyd Blinco 1963 1968
Stanley Carpenter 1969 1970
John T. Hart 1971 1973
J. Bruce McKinney 1973 1974
Paul L. Serff 1974 1983
Jack Silar 1983 1991
Franklin Shearer 1991 2001
Frank O’Connell 2002 2011
Kevin Stumpf 2011 2018
Vikki Hultquist 2018 Current

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