Grand Concourse

Grand Concourse with Tudor Square in the distance.

The Grand Concourse was a named region in Hersheypark that was constructed in 1973. The region was comprised of Tram Circle and walkways leading to Tudor Square. The region was built directly to the east of Chocolate World property, so there were direct walkways from the concourse to Chocolate World.

Guests could make their way to the entrance of the park from Tram Circle by walking down a large walkway through a series of fountains and small pools. Guests would then enter Tudor Square as guests crossed an English-themed bridge with a tower on the south side. A sign would welcome guests to Tudor Square.

The Grand Concourse name was only in use for the 1973 season. It was effectively merged with Tudor Square in 1974, and then in 2014, Founder’s Way. Tram Circle remained separate, never really being considered part of Tudor Square.

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