Odyssey Alley

Hersheypark souvenir map - Odyssey AlleyOdyssey Alley was a short-lived named area in Hersheypark. It was created in 1982 out of a need to have names for areas in the park not already themed. This was because Hersheypark went from having souvenir poster maps to souvenir book maps. This was one of several areas of the park named in 1982.

Odyssey Alley was named after the CinemaVision which was installed at the north end of the area in 1982. It incorporated rides from the Skyview to the Cyclops, including the Monorail, Pirat and Fender Bender.

The Odyssey Alley name quickly dropped out of usage following the 1983 season. It then became Music Box Way in 1990, named for the Music Box Theatre. Today, it is part of the Founder’s Way and Pioneer Frontier.

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