List of roller coasters at West View Park

This is a list of roller coasters that were at West View Park. The park had 9 total. Greyhound was reportedly installed in 1928, as a replacement for Speed-O-Plane. Dates for Brownie Coaster and Wild Mouse have not been definitively identified. References will be updated as they can be found.

Ride Opened Closed Manufacturer
Figure 8 (1906) 1906 1908 T.M. Harton & Company
Figure 8 (1909) 1909 1916 T.M. Harton & Company
Dips 1910 1977 T.M. Harton & Company
Speed-O-Plane 1917 1927 T.M. Harton & Company
Racing Whippet 1927 1977 T.M. Harton Company
Greyhound 1928 1945 T.M. Harton Company
Kiddie Dips 1949 1977 T.M. Harton Company
Brownie Coaster circa 1950s circa 1960 W.F. Mangels Company
Wild Mouse 1961 1962 T.M. Harton Company


Figure 8 (1906)

“Greater Pittsburgh’s Newest Outdoor Resort===West View Park”. Pittsburgh Post. April 29, 1906. p. S4-8. There is a new-style figure eight roller coaster and electric merry-go-round…Then there is a mammoth Mystic Chute. This is a combination of Ye Old Mill and Shooting-the-Chutes, and is something new in park amusements. Children will be provided with special enjoyment by Shetland ponies and Rocky Mountain burros. There will be a special track for them where the little ones can ride in safety on these gentle animals.

Figure 8 (1909)

“West View Park Season Will Open On Saturday Night”. The Pittsburgh Press. May 11, 1909. p. 7. …the usual park features will attract the crowds. These include…the new figure 8-roller coaster. The latter has been rebuilt duirng the winter and is the biggest in America, being a half mile long.


“West View Park Open. Has Many New Amusements and Good Music Is Promised.”. Pittsburgh Post. May 15, 1910. p. 2. During the winter the beautiful, natural pleasure ground has been improved with the latest and best in park novelties and attractions, among them the most sensational coaster ride in the State, this alone costing $25,000. This ride was built by T.M. Harton & Co., of Pittsburgh which firm has built riding devices throughout this country and Europe, among them one now running at the Brussels Exposition.


“West View Park To Open Saturday”. Pittsburgh Post. May 10, 1917. p. 10. A great speedoplane [sic], which, it is believed will be the sensation of local park history, has been erected at a cost of $50,000.

Racing Whippet

“West View Park Open”. Pittsburgh Post. April 24, 1927. p. S6-3. Over $75,000 was expended on the erection of the Racing Whippet.


Jacques, Jr., Charles J. (1985). Goodbye, West View Park, Goodbye. Amusement Park Journal. ISBN 0961439203. Fifth Printing (2001).

Kiddie Dips

“One-Woman Band At West View”. The Pittsburgh Press. May 8, 1949. p. S5-2. All the 75 rides at the park will be in operating, including the new “Kiddie Dips.”

Brownie Coaster

West View Park – 1960, Pittsburgh, PA“. tc421mc. 1960. April 12, 2012. YouTube. 00:01:15-00:01:21.

Wild Mouse

“West View Park Starts ’61 Season”. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. May 7, 1961. p. S4-8. The main amusement attraction will be the imported German “Wild Mouse.”

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