Miniature Railroad timeline

1909: Hersheypark hires Empire Track and Brake Company from New York City and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to construct a miniature railway at Hersheypark.

1910: Miniature Railroad parts arrive in Hershey.

September 9, 1910: Part of the Miniature Railroad is completed. Testing commences.

January 24, 1911: The original Miniature Railroad train was destroyed in a fire. Another train is delivered to Hershey before the park was scheduled to open on May 30.

May 30, 1911: Miniature Railroad’s first full operating season begins.

May 4, 1957: Ernest H. Miller, designer of the Miniature Railroad, passes away at the age of 74.

1971: Miniature Railroad’s last operating season concludes.

1972: Miniature Railroad station on Park Boulevard is torn down. Miniature Railroad is planned to be brought back in 1973, but the plan is postponed to 1974, then cancelled.

1983: Hersheypark considers reinstalling Miniature Railroad (and The Bug) for the 1985 season, but the plan is not adopted and the idea is dropped.

January 10, 2007: Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company and Friends of the Hershey Trolley announce a project in which the two groups will collaborate to restore and display the Miniature Railroad train which had been in storage and was in poor condition.

September 13, 2007: The train was partly restored and put on display for Milton S. Hershey’s 150th birthday.

May 30, 2011: All of the train was fully restored (except for mechanical parts) and was displayed in the Hershey Memorial Day parade.

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