Hersheypark from August 1971

I recently acquired this 35mm slide of Hersheypark from August 1971. Shown is the Monorail and the Dry Gulch Railroad. If you look in the bottom left corner, you can see the Derry Road entrance of Hersheypark, which was one of the five entrances to the park in 1971 and the only entrance of the park in 1972.

My beautiful picture

Look at that monorail train!

Dancing Waters photo | 1974

Here’s a picture of Dancing Waters, which was used in Hersheypark for the 1973 and 1974 season. It was installed in space formerly occupied by The Mill Chute / The Lost River which had been lost to the flood of 1972. After it was removed, the space was eventually used as a walkway. In 1998, the space was then occupied by Great Bear.

2016-03-03 - 1974-xx-xx Dancing Waters.jpg