Attempts at Growth (1961-1970)

1961: Dry Gulch Railroad is constructed and opened. The station is located near Lobby 1 at Hershey Sports Arena. Bizzy Bees (then called Jets or Super Jet) and Dizzy Drums (then called Tubs-o-Fun) are added to replace the retired Kiddie Ferris Wheel (1926) and Airplane Swing. This is the final season of operation for Aerial Joy Ride.

1962: A kiddie ride, OutBoard Motor Boats, is added to Kiddieland. Aerial Joy Ride is replaced by Starship America (then called Aero-Jets), a Kasper Klaus ride. This is the final season of operation of Mill Chute before it is renovated.

1963: Mill Chute is remodeled by Outdoor Dimensional Display Company and becomes Lost River. This is the final season of operation for The Pretzel before it is renovated.

1964: The Pretzel is remodeled by Outdoor Dimensional Display Company and becomes Golden Nugget. Golden Nugget was a Gold Nugget dark ride made by Bill Tracy. A Norman Bartlett ride, Flying Coaster, is added and is located near Funland and Cuddle Up. Two new kiddie rides are added, Helicopters and Whipperoo (later renamed Wells Cargo), and placed next to the Kiddie Turnpike, definitively creating a north section of Kiddieland.

1965: A new kiddie ride, Space Age, is added to North Kiddieland. On January 31, the original skating lodge adjacent Hershey Sports Arena burns down. On April 12, Hershey Park receives approval to build a new building in that same spot. This would become Rides Office and would stand until 2005. This is the final season of operation for Laugh Land; Hershey Park Theatre is torn down after the season. This leaves Hersheypark with one funhouse.

1966: Skyview and Tip-Top are added to the park, with Skyview crossing Spring Creek and Tip-Top located in part of the area vacated by Hershey Park Theatre and Laugh Land. Tip-Top is the first of three Frank Hrubetz manufactured rides in consecutive years.

1967: The second Hrubetz ride to be added is Paratrooper, placed next to Tip-Top. This is the final season of operation for Kiddie Turnpike.

1968: The final Hrubetz ride added is Round Up, located near Golden Nugget. With the removal of Kiddie Turnpike, the park purchased a Hampton Kiddie Variety Ride, Traffic Jam (then called Motorcycles). It was placed near Space Age and Whipperoo in North Kiddieland.

1969: Tip-Top is relocated near Round Up in order to accommodate the addition of Magic Carpet Giant Slide. This was placed on the hill just below the pavilion which is now a penny arcade and restaurant. The Monorail, a transport ride between downtown Hershey and Hershey Sports Arena, opens in June. The Monorail was owned by the Monorail Amusement Company, a joint venture between Hershey Estates and Hershey Foods Corporation. It is not considered a Hersheypark ride until 1973.

1970: A red caboose from the Reading Railroad is added to the park as Little Red Caboose. There is a ten cent entry fee for this season only. A Chance Rides Rotor was added in the hollow at the base of Comet’s lift. This is the last season Hersheypark is stylized as “Hershey Park,” and this is the last season Hersheypark is an open park (without a gate).

1951-1960: Stagnation

1971-1980: Modern Times

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