A Visit to Hersheypark | June 27, 2016

I took a trip to eastern Pennsylvania to visit the Philadelphia Toboggan Company archives in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

While I was heading out there, I stopped in Hershey and visited Hersheypark. Here is a short video I made, featuring some of the pictures I took while I was there. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rainy day.

Video | Hersheypark ’73 Rack Brochure & Map

Episode 3 of the In The Park video series is about the 1973 Hersheypark Rack Brochure which includes a map of the park. This is the same style map that is used in 1974, as well.

Here are pictures of the brochure so anyone can get a better look at it. If you want to look at the map in better detail, click here.

Video | Hersheypark Map & Souvenir Book 1982-1984

Episode 2 of this video series is about the 1982-1984 Hersheypark Map & Souvenir Book. This was first printed in 1982 and was continued to be sold through 1984. The book I have has coupons good only for the 1983 season.

No other books like this have been seen, leading me to believe that due to low sales, the 1982 edition continued to be sold through 1984 despite updates to the park. It certainly had to be removed from sale after the 1984 season due to the completion of Pioneer Frontier in 1985.

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