Whip | 1997 – 2022

In 1997, Hersheypark expanded Midway America. One of the rides added was The Whip. Manufactured by Sarasota, Florida based Rideworks, Inc., this ride was an homage to the park’s first Whip.

The back wall of Whip featured historic photos of Hersheypark. The picture to the left was of the Twin Ferris Wheels while the picture to the right was a picture of the first Whip from 1937.

Video of Whip. Credit: Themeparkfanatic on YouTube

Whip operated every season from 1997 until 2022. In February 2023, the ride was removed from the park. Hersheypark confirmed the removal of the ride in a social media post. Below are a few pictures of what is left of the Whip.

Learn more about when Whip was added to Hersheypark! See the article Midway America Expansion.

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