Minty Bees at Hersheypark

The Minty Bees kiddie ride at Hersheypark has a 60 year history. The ride was installed in 1961, making it one of the oldest rides in Hersheypark. Minty Bees debuted in April or May 1961, to replace the 1926 Kiddie Ferris Wheel.

Minty Bees is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Amusement Ride Safety Division as PA Ride ID Number 77 under the name Super Jets.

Rethmeing through the years

Minty Bees has operated under a variety of different themes. Originally it was called the Jets or sometimes Super Jets. This came from the Hampton Amusement Company (also known as Hampton Rides) name for that kind of ride – a Super Jet kiddie ride.

Jets on the left (c. 1963, courtesy Hersheypark), Furry Tale Flyers on the right (1982).

The Jets were renamed Furry Tales Flyers for a few seasons. The ride was themed for the Furry Tales characters that were in Hersheypark from circa 1974 to 1990. By the 1989 season, Hersheypark rethemed the ride Bizzy Bees.

Bizzy Bees (2013) on right and Minty Bees (2020) on left.

In 2019, the theme was changed again, when Reese’s Cupfusion opened. Hersheypark expanded the theming of the new ride to a couple of rides nearby. Bizzy Bees, taken over by the League of Misfit Candies, was renamed Minty Bees.


The ride was relocated once. It was originally placed where the Simply Chocolate food stand is currently located. In 1976, it was moved to its current location, which was the original location for Dizzy Drums.

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