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Kiddie Ferris Wheels (1926 and 1959)

After writing about the Twin Ferris Wheels, I decided to do a special post on two of the other Ferris wheels Hersheypark has had – and they’re both kiddie ride versions.

Did you know that Hersheypark installed its first two kiddie rides in 1926? Aside from the Airplane Swing (also known as Aeroplane Swing) they added a kiddie Ferris wheel manufactured by Allan Herschell Company. The ride was placed in what would become the Kiddieland section of the park 23 years later.

1930 - Aeroplane Swing and 1926 Ferris Wheel
Kiddie Ferris Wheel is seen to the left. Postcard circa 1929.

In 1959, Hersheypark added a second kiddie Ferris wheel. This was placed in the Kiddieland section of the park in front of where the Craftbarn – now called Founder’s Kitchen – is in the park today. Very few pictures of this ride exist, but you can find them at the Hershey Community Archives. This second kiddie Ferris wheel, though not placed next to the original, matched the park having two adult versions, the Twin Ferris Wheels.

However, following the 1960 season, Hersheypark retired both the Airplane Swing and the 1926 Kiddie Ferris Wheel. The kiddie wheel was replaced by the Bizzy Bees, which is still operating in Hersheypark today (making it one of the oldest rides in Hersheypark). The 1959 Kiddie Ferris Wheel remained in operation through the 1971 season. It was one of several kiddie rides scrapped when Der Deitschplatz was built for the 1972 season.


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