TBT #8 | Twin Ferris Wheels (1950-1974)

Hersheypark has had a number of Ferris wheels in the park since 1926…


Hersheypark has had a number of Ferris wheels in the park since 1926. The first one was a kiddie version which was in the park through the end of the 1960 season. The second and third wheels were Eli Bridge Company Ferris wheels and Hershey Park installed two of them in 1950.

Seen in the picture below, from 1974, the wheels were yellow and the seats had alternating colors. They overlooked the main area of Comet Hollow, with the Skooter and Bug close by and the station for Comet and Mill Chute / Lost River a little further away. You can even see the Mini-Comet even further in the distance.

The Twin Ferris Wheels were ultimately replaced by Giant Wheel in 1973, though the wheels remained in the park through the 1974 season. They were removed due to low capacity and a Himalaya was placed in that spot until Looper was built two years later. Though not in the exact same spot, sooperdooperLooper’s station is generally where the Twin Ferris Wheels were.

Update (7/19/2016): The Twin Ferris Wheels sold to Hersheypark were cataloged at Eli Bridge Company as Ferris Wheels #900 and #901. Sometime after the rides were removed in 1974, they were sold to a person who lived in Maryland.

My beautiful picture
A view from one of the Twin Ferris Wheels in 1974.

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