Little Wheel | 1983

This article is about a specific ride that operated at Hersheypark during the first Christmas Candylane in 1983. I will be writing more about that season of Christmas Candylane in the future.

In November 1983, Hersheypark started their second seasonal shoulder event, Hersheypark Christmas Candylane. One of the four rides to operate for the event was an Eli Bridge Company Little Wheel. It had six cars that could fit two children. It really looks like a miniature version of the Big Eli Wheel that Eli Bridge manufactures – both types of wheels continue to be produced today.

This Little Wheel was rented from the late Mr. Jake Inners of Majestic Midways. Majestic Midways had a good reputation for operating and renting safe rides.  Gary Chubb, who booked Little Wheel, said he had gotten to know Mr. Inners through various ways of being in the amusement park industry; Mr. Inners was a trusted person and Majestic Midways was a trusted company.

Little Wheel from Christmas Candylane, November-December 1983.
This is a picture of Little Wheel from Christmas Candylane, November-December 1983. Photo courtesy of Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society.
Another picture of Little Wheel.
Here is another picture of Little Wheel. Photo courtesy of Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society.

The reason why the Little Wheel was chosen was because it fit in the spot they wanted to use for a ride, between the guest services building and the Chocolate House in Tudor Square. Given Majestic Midways was nearby in York, about 45 minutes away, it was a good fit all around.

Little Wheel operated in November and December 1983. When Candylane further expanded into the park in 1984, the ride wasn’t needed.

As for the history of the ride itself, Little Wheel was purchased by Majestic Midways in 1983. The ride was rented for various events, such as what Hersheypark did in the first year of the ride’s existence. According to Majestic Midways, the Little Wheel was sold off in what was possibly a manufacturer’s trade in approximately 2008. It is unknown if the ride continues to operate today.

Special thanks to Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society, Neil Fasnacht, and Gary Chubb.

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