Category: Former HP rides

The Whip at Hersheypark | 1937-1975

Hersheypark's first W.F. Mangels Company ride was the Whip, installed in 1937. The Whip was one of several rides mentioned in 1919 as being planned to be added to the park in the upcoming years. However, due to poor investments in sugar futures, the Hershey Chocolate Company found itself in receivership – being controlled by

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Kiddie Turnpike | 1955 – 1967

Hersheypark has had 5 different Turnpike rides over the years. This article is about the second Turnpike ride Kiddie Turnpike.  Kiddie Turnpike was the first ride added to the North Kiddieland section of the park. North Kiddieland wouldn’t start to be formed for nearly a decade after, however. Kiddie Turnpike was manufactured by B.A. Schiff &

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