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Waagner-Biro | Double and Triple Wheels

This is a special article about the history of Waagner-Biro’s double and triple wheels. For more information about Giant Wheel at Hersheypark see here and here.  Waagner-Biro produced a new kind of Ferris Wheel in the 1970s through the 1980s that were twin or triplet wheels attached to a swivel bar to raise the wheel into

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Lightning Racer at Redondo Beach, CA | 1913 – 1923

Redondo Beach, California, operated a twin racing roller coaster called Lightning Racer, from May 1913 until October 1923. It was a twin, racing, out and back roller coaster, constructed at a cost of $100,000 ($2,472,586 in 2017 US dollars). The station included a $4000 organ ($98,903 in 2017 US dollars), and hundreds of lights and

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Moon Rocker at Knoebels | 1954 – c1958

I was recently asked about a dinosaur themed ride that was at Knoebels. Let’s take a look at the history of the ride called Moon Rocker.  According to PennLive, the Moon Rocker was added to Knoebels in 1954. The ride was dinosaur themed. Happy 90th anniversary @KozmoKG! — (@PennLive) April 27, 2016

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