Traffic Jam at Hersheypark

Traffic Jam is a kiddie ride in Hersheypark manufactured by Hampton Amusement Company. The ride, sold as a Kiddie Variety Ride in the 1960s, was installed in Hersheypark in 1968.

The ride is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Amusement Ride Safety Division as PA Ride ID 76, under the name Motorcycles.

History of Traffic Jam

Advert in the Lebanon Daily News, page 19

Despite being advertised as the “VARIETY RIDE For The Kiddies” in local newspapers, Traffic Jam was originally called Motorcycles. This is because the ride featured two sets of police motorcycle cars. The motorcycles tended to be the ones kids always wanted to ride. There are several other kinds of cars on the ride including fire trucks and police cars.


In the 1980s, as the park was renaming some of the other kiddie rides, the Motorcycles was renamed Traffic Jam.

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