Hersheypark Update | December 17, 2018

A significant amount of work is going on adjacent to Tram Circle and old Tudor Square in what is known as the old pool area. There are construction vehicles digging up the ground where Hershey Park Pool, which was open from 1929 to 1971, stood. This is the first significant construction in this area of the park since the pool was torn down and Park Boulevard re-routed in 1972. 

The new perimeter fence is continuing to be built – most of the fence around the expansion area is now partly complete. 

In the photos below, you can see that a lot of stone has been deposited along old Park Boulevard, as well. The photos are darker due to the clouds partially covering sunlight. 


The Lighthouse has not been impacted by construction so far. 
In the center of this picture is a large mound of dirt and rock. There is a construction vehicle digging behind the mound. 
There have been a lot of materials dropped off here. 
There are dump trucks bringing in rocks and depositing them along old Park Boulevard.

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