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Hersheypark Update | January 2, 2019

Here is your first Hersheypark Update for 2019! The entrance of Hersheypark is now fenced off, and work in Tram Circle is underway. On January 1, the park had a brochure being given out to 2019 season pass members about Hershey’s Chocolatetown.

A brochure about Hershey’s Chocolatetown distributed on January 1, 2019.

Season Pass Holder Event

The Season Pass Holder event on New Year’s Day was the first season pass holder event for 2019. At this event, they distributed a brochure about Hershey’s Chocolatetown which featured images of the different vantages of the future region of the park. The images were ones seen at the October 3 announcement.

The obverse of the brochure has a map and several locations to stand so guests could understand the approximate vantages of how Hershey’s Chocolatetown will look in 2020.
The reverse is a poster which shows how the new region will look in 2020.


A fence has now been placed around the perimeter of the construction area for Hershey’s Chocolatetown. The fence starts at the entrance of Chocolate World and continues to the Tram Spine, then across to where the season pass lot is fenced off.

This fence is temporary, as access to Hersheypark is completely blocked off. There will be a temporary path and main gate for the 2019 season, which will be seen when the park reopens in April.

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